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My paintings can now be WORN, yes worn

If you are interested please click on  where they are now selling tops, t shirts and silk and cashmere scarves featuring all or part of my painting. Prices range from £30 - £95  is handling the sale on my behalf.   If there is any of my paintings you would like to wear as a scarf, T shirt or head square that are not featured please get in touch with me on


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Helen Mould, BA Hons, MA,, an Artist and Art Adviser

I will be happy to assist you in adding to, selling part or all of your collection, or with valuations



Above, from the top down :- Fen Landscape, Love Song, Triumphant. A selection of Helen Mould paintings most of them 1metre in some direction                     Italian Harvest, Cornish mists (pr)     St. Ives Revisted

Reiki Diptych

Too Deep, In Clover



Toronto, Lake Ontario Sunset, Triptych     1.20 x 1m Acrylic on canvas

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Kiyoshi Saito,signed in white ink, Woodblock print a beautiful framed by an established Japanese artist Kiyoshi Saito

the subject is Maiko Kyoto

This woodblock was in Christies sale 6099, Japanese Art & Design, South Kensington, London May 11, 2011 

      2014 Current price is £875.00 + post and packing



Helen Mould, BA Hons, MA, click this link to go to more of my paintings ,Helen Mould paintings





Cove, by Helen Mould     oil on Stretched Linen,

5 cm depth box canvas. 50 x 35 cm

This is the painting I love. It was painted after a trip to Eyemouth on the Scottish Borders. Such a beautiful setting for the small harbour but it could only be reached by walking through a tunnel cut into the rocks. Very spooky. On the day I did 3 or 4 sketches, watercolour and graphite. Then, after I came back to my Peterborough studio I worked on the painting.

Totally a "stream of consciousness" painting. The sketches acted as an aide memoir but the painting was created straight onto the canvas without any drawing and not after the style of my sketches which are mainly just an exercise in looking so that all the information I need is there in my head ready to spill out on the canvas.

The painting was on exhibition at the Great Northern Hotel in Peterborough

Some of my exhibition co-ordination experience includes the following:-

I have hung or assisted in hanging around 50 exhibitions.  Some, ie, The Peterborough Open Exhibition for 6 years, with up to 150 paintings. I hung, on average, another 15 exhibition a year at Peterborough Art House Ltd's gallery in Fitzwilliam Street for 6 years.  I have taken part in judging Open Art exhibitions.

I have worked on many committees. Including The Culture, Leisure and Tourism Board for Peterborough City Council, Peterborough Arts Council and Peterborough Museum and Art gallery. I have assembled, displayed and worked on business art collections in Peterborough, London and surrounding areas.





Dr Barbara Rae, CBE RA RSA RGI RSW, Boats at Dunure, Scotland, 1981, watercolour 75 x 53 cm,   Framed under glass

                                                                                                                                  price on request 


Born: 10 December 1943, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland, UK and was elected President of the Society of Scottish Artists in 1983. She was made a Member of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1992 (ARSA 1980) and a Royal Academician in 1996. She has been a Member of the Royal Fine Art Commission for Scotland since 1995 and was a Member of the Board of the British School at Rome in 1998. In 1999 she was awarded a CBE and received an Honorary Doctorate from Napier University, Edinburgh. Her paintings are more abstract now but the links with this earlier style are quite visible.

Signed Limited Edition Prints for sale by Patrick Hughes, Darby Bannard, John Bellany, Jack Yates (silver gelatine), Anthony de Cleyndert and others in the catalogue section are available to view by request only or email      

Is it a limited edition print or hand painted original ? - Well both -  open to offers - unframed

Now being offered for sale Individually painted by Patrick Hughes over his Signed, numbered, Limited Edition print The Studio.

Such a clever idea with the paint trying to burst out of the artist's studio door. It is A0 size and unframed ready to be posted to you or collected in person. More a mixed media original - print and paint - as there were 60 prints in the range but Patrick Hughes painted individual designs and colour on individually afterwards and so each number of edition is original and different. If you had enough money you could collect them all. Each is different.

                                                                      .  AO size

           Limited edition print by PATRICK HUGHES then individually destinguished (with paint bursting out of the door)by the artist

                                                                                    The Studio




               Traditional and modern oil, acrylic, watercolour and pastels also available in Peterborough Art House Ltd's stock.



    Lemons by       Selina Thorp

An attractive small painting by the contemporary Scottish trained artist SELINA THORP.  image is 5" x 5" (13 x 13 cm approx) and it is in a plain, light wood frame, cushion style, maybe Beech or Obeche which brings the overall size up to 13" x 13", (33 x 33 cm approx).

                         SELINA THORP Biography (courtesy of Walker Gallery)

Born in Leeds in 1968, Selina Thorp graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with an honours degree having taken a foundation course at Jacob Kramer College, Leeds. Influential people at Edinburgh were David Mitchie OBE and her tutor William Baillie. Her lecturers included Dame Elizabeth Blackadder, John Houston and Victoria Crowe. Selina paints in situ wherever she finds an absorbing subject, whether it be a town view, a port, a market, or a flower shop. This gives her paintings a spontaneity, which is reflected in the minute details she seeks to record.
She exhibits regularly and has had a number of solo exhibitions, this being her third solo show with Walker Galleries. Other solo shows include the Westgate Gallery, North Berwick, Royal Institute of Architects in Scotland; Italian Paintings at Valvona and Crolla, Edinburgh. Selected mixed exhibitions include Leeds Centenary Exhibition, University of Leeds; Leeds Art Fair, and the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh. She received first prize for the New English Art Club, Student Section 1991; first prize at the Laing Art Competition in Harrogate 1993 and Highly Commended in 1998 in London; and the Travel Scholarship award, New English Art Club 1993. She exhibits regularly throughout the country, including at the Royal Academy and the Royal Scottish Academy Summer Exhibitions.


Geoff Marsters,

Suffolk Farm, Pastel       ...  I think I will try and get a better photograph of this painting for you

Image size 28 x 20 cm

Geoff works in oils, acrylics, pastel and watercolour. His paintings are in the collections of Couthaulds,

ICI, Barclays Bank, Mitsubishi Bank of Tokyo Ltd, Rabobank Nederland






  20 x 36 cm  £165 unframed

signed Dillon
The Irish Horse Fair acrylic on heavy duty Arches paper. order

Thomas Ryan RHA, Irish Artist       

Fashion Show at Killakree Arts Centre with a personal note on an artist's address lable on the back writing:-

" ... but a snippet of the Best People (they suppose) admiring the Best Dressed ... "


Aphrodite - oil and foil on box canvas,

Textured, unusual, one off statement around the meaning of life and love.


I can give you some of the meanings behind my creation but it is just as valid for  you to put your own story into it.

Please contact me if you would like more information about the meanings behind the creation of this - or any of my paintings.  I am more than happy to talk about them.



Helen Mould

20" x 48",

55 x 130 cm approx.

 . order


here is a close up of 1/2 of the one panel of featured diptych in studio view. The texture can be seen

more easily than on the postcard, but to appreciate it one needs to see it.

There is a lot of play with texture and flatness going on with the surface.




Two oil on canvas of Chinese characters involved in daily life. Very well painted figures

Woman Sewing, oil on canvas by W H Chen (HK maybe Hong Kong) also oil on canvas of Man reading a paper, by W H Chen  

There was a famous Chinese artist Chen Wen Hsi. He did work in Hong Kong for a time,

but there is another listed artist signing as W H Chen. Both paintings are by the same skilled artist.




The paintings are all original creations.



Birthday gift for PISCES  February 20- March 20  star sign  ...  the sign of continual, fluid movement




Individually created etching producing 50 presses. This was number 4

(4/50) by Jo Oakley titled Fishy Tale  is for sale £65 unframed

This superb etching is the perfect present for the PISCES in your life - FEB 20 - MARCH 20

It is on quality watercolour paper

The etching is 28 cm wide by 37.5 long

A sign ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and inspiration among many other things. To be a Piscean is to live in colourful worlds of your own creation to which you have exclusive access, until such time you choose to invite certain others into them. You understand your need to escape but this sometimes confuses others.








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Christie’s CEO Was “Panicked” Over Chinese Buyer Default, Leading to Private Sale of Ancient Bronze


Christie’s CEO Steven Murphy. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Christie’s Asian Art Department staff are furious at CEO Steven Murphy over the 11th hour decision to sell a famous bronze vessel privately to a group of Chinese collectors for a figure in the vicinity of $30 million, artnet News has learned.

The Asian art department staff had been working on the sale for over a year and believed the price of the vessel could climb as high as $50 million on the auction block. Now the deal won’t be reflected in the department’s auction coffers. The object, known as the “Min” Fanglei, a massive bronze ritual vessel from China that dates from the Late Shang/Early Western Zhou periods (12th–11th century BC) had an unpublished estimate of $15 million but was expected to sell for as much as three times that on the strength of intense interest from mainland Chinese buyers, including a delegation from the Hunan Provincial Museum in Changsha City, where a matching cover to the vessel is currently housed.

According to an inside source, Christie’s CEO Murphy was “panicked” over the possibility of a repeat of the the fiasco that occurred during the Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé sale in Paris in 2009. That sale included two rare bronze Chinese zodiac sculptures, a rabbit and a rat, that had been looted from Beijing’s Old Summer Palace during the 1860s and passed through several hands before coming into the collection of the Parisian fashion designer. Prior to the sale, Chinese state media officials referred to the objects as “war plunder.”

One official, Zong Tianliang, a spokesman for the palace administration, told the Telegraph: “We respect the business rules of auction companies as well as the operating mechanism of arts markets. But it’s definitely unacceptable to put plunder under the hammer.” Liu Yang, a Beijing lawyer who was  helping to organize a lawsuit in France, stated to the New York Times: “That Christie’s and Pierre Bergé would put them up for auction and refuse to return them to China deeply hurts our nation’s feelings.”

Cai Mingchao, a Chinese collector and businessman who successfully bid about $40 million for the two works, later announced that he had no intention of paying for them and said they they should be voluntarily returned to China. The zodiac heads were given back to Bergé. Murphy, fearing a repeat of such an incident, pushed for a private sale of the “Min” Fanglei at a lower price in order to avoid the possibility of a public auction misfire, insiders say.

Last summer, Francois Pinault, along with his son Francois-Henri and his wife—actress Salma Hayek—returned the zodiac heads to China at a ceremony in Beijing attended by China’s Vice Premier Liu Yandong. According to reports, Pinault acquired the works from a private collector.

Defaults on pricey auction items sold in China or bid on by Asian collectors have become a major problem for auctioneers. For instance, Qi Baishi’s masterpiece Eagle Standing on a Pine Tree (1946) drew a stunning $65.4 million at China Guardian in May 2011, only to languish in a warehouse in Beijing in the years since the sale after the winning bidder refused to pay for the work, citing doubts about its authenticity. A report jointly produced by artnet and the China Association of Auctioneers (CAA) last fall indicated that only half of the works offered at auction in China were actually sold in 2012 and stated that the Chinese art market witnessed a decrease in demand. “As a result, the total sales value dropped by US$4 billion (CN¥26.5 billion), a significant decline of almost 50 percent,” according to the report. Another report compiled separately by CAA found that about half the sales of artworks worth more than $1.5 million between 2010 and 2013 were not completed because the buyer failed to pay what was owed.

It was well known that Chinese buyers were very interested in the “Min” Fanglei, probably the most important Chinese bronze ever to appear at auction. Indeed, Chinese buyers had approached Christie’s in the period leading up to the sale, scheduled for Thursday March 20 at 11am, to purchase the ancient Chinese bronze vessel privately. One interested buyer apparently showed up with a cashier’s check for US$20 million, only to be refused.

“We had ample interest on the bronze leading up to the exhibition,” Catherine Manson, a Christie’s spokeswoman said in an email in response to questions sent to Murphy about whether fear of a buyer default played a role in the decision to sell privately. “The decision to sell privately was the result of the offer and the opportunity for the work to go to a museum,” Manson told artnet News.

But internal sources at Christie’s suggested otherwise, saying fear of buyer default drove the decision-making and overrode specialists. “I think people here are upset because they worked so hard on this consignment, marketing, catalogs, views, vetting, etc.,” said one inside source. “It’s anti-climactic.”

“Of course the specialists have every right to be angry unless senior leadership has compensated for it in their goals” for that department, said a former senior executive at Christie’s who asked not to be named. “Historically I’ve seen there always be a disconnect between senior leadership and how they drive and motivate specialists. They tend to put all this pressure on the specialists, and then come in and make these types of decisions, which dilutes the holistic approach to the business.”

artnet News began hearing reports of the $20 million private offer on March 18, two days before the planned auction. Other sources familiar with the sale said pressure from the Chinese government played a role in the sale. Much is at stake for Christie’s, which held its first sale in mainland China in Shanghai last fall (September 26). While Hong Kong, a free port, has proved a lucrative sales hub for both Christie’s and its competitor Sotheby’s, both have been keen on expanding their sales to mainland China, where they have historically faced strict regulations as foreign fine art companies and have had to team up with local entities to transact business.

Did the Chinese government play a role in Murphy’s decision to sell the object privately to a group from Hunan province who have publicly expressed their intention to donate the vessel to the Hunan Provincial Museum? Christie’s says no.

But in the wake of the 2009 auction of the Zodiac heads, Beijing officials said they were acting against Christie’s in China. The government ordered officials to tighten up the inspection of art that the auction house brings in and out of China, making it harder for the company to do business there. And the  State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) issued a statement condemning Christie’s auction of the sculptures, saying it would have “serious effects” on Christie’s development in China.

It is hard to see how Christie’s enormous investment in China was not a factor in Murphy’s decision-making.









 Kathryn Moore

                            A2 size screen print, signed, limited, 9 plus p&p







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