Helen Mould paintings

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   Original, designer, artist creation in paint -

                     -   one off exclusive  - 



by Helen Mould - me -

1m x 1 m x 4cm deep

impasto, sgraffito, acrylic

on quality canvas from Cornellisons of London










A view of the inside of my studio showing some of my smaller paintings





Helen Mould Acrylic on canvas - Revisiting St Ives impasto acrylic on quality British (Cornellisons, London) hand stretched canvas

1m x 1m



Price on request



1.2 m x 45 cm Aphrodite



Our Partner, Artprice Press Release: the latest NY sales prove the financialisation of the Art Market

As Artprice indicated in its renowned 2013 Art Market Report, the Art Market is undergoing a genuine economic, geopolitical and sociological change, where the number of players is increasing exponentially on every continent.

According to Artprice Chairman Thierry Ehrmann, "This market is now indisputably financialised, notably through the standardisation process of the Art Market, for which Artprice is solely responsible. It comes from an exponential increase of financial flows and the development of the practice of financial operations, which are profoundly affecting the Art Market."

It is true that with Artprice, players in the Market have access to a whole range of analysis and index tools (Artprice Screen® ) enabling them to get a reliable picture of this Market, as well as the share market.

Spectacular sales, in terms of both volume and the records achieved, have corroborated Artprice's forecasts though its advanced market indexes (AMCI: Art Market Confidence Index).


China: openness and regulation
China represents 90% of the Asian market (irrespective of period). Over the
last few years it has been the driving force for growth in the global art market,
shored up by new billionaire collectors, an increasing number of investment funds
dedicated to this new artistic Eldorado and an attitude of ostentation, where the
power to buy very expensive works is also a sign of prestige. The economic power
of the Chinese, added to the speculative appeal of such an emerging market for
Westerners, rapidly sent the price index of Chinese artists sky-high in Beijing and
Hong Kong. The first spectacular results were posted in 2005. A few months later,
China reached third place in the global market for contemporary art sales (23% of
the market) and remained there for three years before rising to pole position (July
2009 – June 2010)
Between 2009 and June 2012, China remained the most powerful
marketplace in the world, supported by unbridled economic growth. From
a boom to a restoration of balance, it is a good illustration of how the economic
health of a country is reflected in the art market.
In the context of an economic slowdown (a 9.3% drop in growth in 2011, and then
of 7.8% in 2012), fewer major pieces and a Chinese model weakened by numerous
problems of works not paid for, the Chinese art market has eroded (revenues down
by 7.6% in 2012 compared with 2011 for sales of Fine Art
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cause it is a champion in the high-end market
It is understandable that Chris
tie’s and Sotheby’s have made such efforts there. And their patience is now being
rewarded. Sotheby’s has been established in Hong Kong for nearly 40 years (it
opened a branch there in 1974) and Christie’s staged its first sale
in situ
in 1986
Ten years ago, their results in Hong Kong were far from spectacular, representing
at best 2% of global revenues in contemporary art at Christie’s and no more than
0.1% at Sotheby’s. Now Hong Kong accounts for 13% and 16% of their contem
porary art results
Hong Kong
The former British colony yearns to become the Asian epicentre of contemporary
art. Its free port, a more liberal policy than in Beijing or Shanghai and one of the
highest purchasing powers on the Asian continent are all assets for developing a
high-end art market. Some of the most powerful Western galleries have set their
sights on the island (Gagosian, Perrotin, White Cube, etc) ...

http://www.artprice.com (c)1987-2013 thierry Ehrmann
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