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Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA        

I work as an artist and an arts consultant advising individual and corporate clients.

I recently valued an insurance company's art collection gained in a company takeover. They were surprised to find quite valuable prints in their previously unappreciated collection.

I still study philosophy and fine art and create stream of consciousness paintings. I owned and ran my own gallery for 7 years in Fitzwilliam Street Peterborough and I am still absorbed daily in painting, either creating, exhibiting or working on private collections.

I have been exhibiting since 1996, mainly in England but also in Bourges France, representing Peterborough. My work has has found many enthusiastic collectors. I have sold more than 300 of my own original paintings.

I create organic multi layered paintings in style and meaning.

I oscillate between the Abstract Expressionist obsession with the sole, two dimensionality of the surface and the Theosophist need to find a soul and communicate something deep, mystical and meaningful through the painting.

The experimentation, variety, spontaneity or out- pourings of current thoughts, influences and travels onto the painted surface satisfies some need in me whilst at the same time producing an image the viewer can find some form of identity in.



Frank Creber

Awarded City of London Water City Residency

Born 1959
1981 BA Degree in Fine Art, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
1987 MA Degree in Painting, Chelsea, London


2006 CROSSING THE ROCK, Art Space Gallery, London
2004 Art Space Gallery, London
2002 Café Alba, Hackney

New Greenham Arts, New Greenham Park, Newbury
Turtle Arts, Nottingham
Art house, Peterborough

1999 Stanton Guildhouse, Gloucs.
1998 Arthur Andersen, London
1997 Bromley By Bow Centre, London
1996 Mosaic, Highgate, London
1994 Portraits of Volunteers, Bromley By Bow Centre
1992 Sue Williams Gallery, London
1989 Sue Williams Gallery, London

 + many, many group exhibitions


Mike Scott - Life Drawings

Mike Scott studied at Leicester College of Art in the 1960s. He became Art Teacher at the local County Grammar School until retirement. Mike held regular life drawing sessions at his house for more than 20 years.He moved to Snettisham but frequently made trips back to Peterborough until his sudden death.

Mike took inspiration from the artists John Piper and painted a variety of subjects in a wide range of media, and mainly concentrated on architectural themes. Mike liked to create with pen and ink drawing, life drawing, gouache and water colour painting and pastel drawing, sometimes combining all of them in mixed media paintings.  He illustrated many churches, colleges, and other historical buildings,and took a particular interest not only in the construction but the character, atmosphere and sense of history of the subject.

Catalogue including Helen Mould paintings

SEE ALSO Drawings and Collectors Items

to pay for any painting  

go to and pay to the email address or contact me on the email above.

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All artwork can be returned within 10 days of purchase for a full 'no-questions' refund*

(excluding postage costs, all returned work must be in perfect condition when it reaches us)



80 cm x 1m - hand stretched box canvas, acrylic paint. Impasto in places, layered in thin in others.

        Original, designer, artist creation in paint -

                     -   one off exclusive  - 



by Helen Mould - me -

1m x 1 m x 4cm deep

impasto, sgraffito, acrylic

on quality canvas from Cornellisons of London




                   Postage extra



Linleys of London requested a red hot triptych to use in a photoshoot but I do not have a copy.

Jackson Scott was photographed with my paintings




It was great to see the following nomination by Peterborough portrait artist Tony Nero -   2012

I would like to Nominate Helen Mould as my unsung hero for her contributions to art in Peterborough. Helen who previously ran the Art House on Fitzwilliam Street in the center of town for some years was actually the first person to give me an opportunity to show my work here in Peterborough. I came to the city in 1999 from London, had no friends and knew nothing of the art scene in Peterborough. After putting up one of my paintings in the front window of the Art House, this lead to a few commissions.
Helen kept encouraging me to join the Peterborough Artists Open Studios. I strongly feel that someone like Helen who has helped paved the way for art in the city deserves to be nominated.
It was most kind of Tony to remember the things I did to help him (and lots of other emerging artist). The nomination did go any further - I was told it was because it was more than 5 years ago - however it gave me as much pleasure as I gave effort.


Enlightenment  1m x 1m Acrylic on box canvas

Helen Mould


Revisting St Ives oil painting on 5cm deep canvas by Helen Mould

1 m square   £525

Mandarin Harvest by Helen Mould

Mixed Media

41 x 56 cm Stetched canvas










      Love Song by Helen Mould

Image size 38 x 46 cm      

Original for sale 

attractively framed with 2.5 cm black cushion frame, and approx 15 cm white mount with black core.



better image to follow - (new camera now)



Helen Mould 1 m x 1.2 m oil on self stretched, heavy duty, gallery style canvas

Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Ripening -Acrylic on Canvas 1 m.sq.

Clearance price £200. order

    + P&P


Abstract acrylic painting on paper XIV
Helen Mould
acrylic, 20 x 15 inches, unframed



                        + P&P

Blakeney Sun

by Helen Mould

oil on hand stretched canvas









19 Century Oil on canvas by Brockman   - with frame     -

Christies authenticated and put in sale at South Kensington 2005 then unsold -

Now re-offered at £550 o.n.o

+ packaging & postage or buyer collect






Gustavo Seziland
Original oil painting on paper.
£65 unframed

Limited edition

13/24 screen print.

Woman of the North Sea by

John Bellany


more details of print and paper available on request.




Abstract on paper XI V
Gustavo Seziland
oil painting on paper unframed £65

Delphiniums, watercolour painting by EJW Lamb, Peterborough


Madelin Weeden MA

Landscape collage 30 cm sq- Framed £65


Water colour painting 55 x 40 cm

CORNFIELD (Our house from the Road) by Elizabeth Gidry  £55



An original, extremely well executed. pastel drawing of Grass Carp by Angling Times artist Colin Hodgson  £150 mounted for your choice of frame.

mounted UNFRAMED



Frank Creber BA, MA,

Awarded City of London Water City Residency.

Large oil painting on Canvas 71 x 81 cm - Framed.

Loose Pointilist stlye by London artist. Shows a woman running through trees with large aeroplane in distance.

£450 or OFFERS



PAT MALLINSON, Home Comforts in Sri Lanka, pastel,signed, large 56 x 48 cm MOUNTED AND FRAMED (under glass).  £375

Sri Lanka, a beautiful and timelessly popular country. Often referred to under various pseudonyms, from Ceylon to Pearl of the Orient and the Tear of India to Serendib (the origin of the word Serendipity, - see Helen Mould painting Serendipity -), despite these many guises, ask anyone who has ever travelled here and they will talk of its obvious its attractions, unchanging and inherently stunning lanscapes, beaches, wildlife, temples and palaces.

This original colour pastel drawing is by Pat Mallinson, a former London resident who used to specialise in etchings of Kenwood, Waterlow Park, Hampstead Heath, Sailing and the english countryside. She then moved to Kent and spent a lot of time travelling with her husband and this pastel of Home Comforts in Sri Lanka captures the atmosphere of her travels there.

Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Being - Oil on Canvas 86x61cm £350. order






Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Spring Fragments Oil on Board, Framed 1.3 m x .75m. £450 order


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Helen Mould,

from our partner:-


Art investment




In 2007, two portfolios fetched €1m each: the most famous series – that of Marilyn Monroe (1967) – went under the hammer for £680,000 on 20 June 2007 at Christie’s in London, followed four months later by 10 Mao prints (1972) which fetched £720,000 at the same auctioneer.

An affordable market
The price of a print, like that of any artwork, depends on the fame of the artist, the subject, the format, the condition and the number of editions (rarity is clearly valued… standard laws of economics oblige). The combination of these factors with certain fashions in the contemporary art field occasionally pushes the price of certain prints up to truly astonishing levels. The print market nevertheless remains a niche of affordable works of which 75 to 85% of them sell for under €2,000. With a budget from €100 to 500, young buyers often start their collections with signatures that are well-known, reassuring and affordable.

Copyright © - (See our partners page) Breakdowns / figures cover all catalogued sales of fine art works recorded by Artprice (paintings, sculpture, print, poster, drawing, photography, etc.) excluding antiques and furniture.
Artprice accepts no responsibility for any use made of the information it provides. Any reproduction or representation of all or part of the information or graphics by any means whatsoever that does not include a mention stating source © or copyright © is illegal and represent a breach of copyright.

Helen Mould ,
Aphrodite - oil painting and foil on quality English made box Hexagons, building blocks of life combinined with the goddess of love.  Canvas, 20" x 48",

. order




If you do not see an image here to suit your taste please email me and I will be able to send images of the current gallery stock not featured in the catalogue. Alternatively I can paint something to suit your requirement.
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Quintessence Acrylic on paper, 30" x 24"" framed SOLD

Delphiniums, with a Green Teddy Bear  by EJW Lamb

mixed paints on paper, Framed.


-. order

Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Exploding texture - Mixed Media on box canvas 1.2m x 1m - SOLD

Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,

Birds in Bamboo - oil painting on board 24" x 40" framed

Mary Fedden,

oi painting, painted in 1965.n




Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
English Lakes, oil on canvas, 38" x 24", framed,




Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Where Legends Meet Triptych - 72" x 48" oil £. SOLD
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Looking for Mermaids - 18 x 48" Acrylic £400. sold
  Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
bamboo shadows - oil on board 24" x 40" £185 - unframed. order
Reiki Diptych
Helen Mould
Dyptych, Acrylic on box canvas, 2m x 1.2m, £1000

Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
LEISURE PURSUITS - oil 1 m sq. £650.


Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Sunspots Triptych - Oil -
60" x 48" acrylic £950. SOLD
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA, Pagan, Dance of the Foxes Acrylic on canvas 24" x 18" .SOLD
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
English Lakes, oil on canvas, 38" x 24", framed, £150
John Allcot, BA (Hons) MA,
Royal Mail Ship - watercolour - price on request. SOLD
. orderPhillip Turner, MA,
The Nave York Minster, 1.5m sqe¸ SOLD
  Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA, Dressed to Impress. oil on SOLD canvas & board 32" x 36" £350  
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Border Question, oil on canvas and board, 610 x 610mm, SOLD
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Foreign Fabrics, Oil on canvas and Board, 610 x 610mm. £550 SOLD
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Italian Heart, 1 m sq. Acrylic on canvas £550 .SOLD
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Mother Love - oil on canvas 12" x 18" SOLD
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Secret Garden Oil on canvas and Board, 610 mm x 610 mm. SOLD
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Spanish Holiday, acrylic on canvas 12 x 24" Helen Mould £180.sold
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Going Through, 83 cms x 105 cms Acrylic on paper¸£345 order
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Apethorpe Hall,32" x 40", acrylic¸£350. order
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Birth of the Spirit, 32" x 40" acrylic¸SOLD
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Enshallah, 32" x 40" acrylic¸£385 SOLD
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
s Fancy's Playground¸ 610 x 610mm, 0 order

Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Willow in the Park, 13" x 15" acrylic¸SOLD

Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Under Seagulls Wings, 32" x 40" acrylic¸£435 SOLD
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Dance of the Fox Oil on canvas 22 x 48" £150 order
Helen Mould, BA (Hons) MA,
Italian Summer Acrylic on canvas, 1 m sq. 450order

This page has prints, original pastel drawing, original oil painting and original acrylic painting, by educated and schooled artists. Some nationally recognised British artists.Contemporary artist such as Jack Yates, abstract artists such as Ivan Picelj, Helen Mould Photo realist paintings, drawing and early Victorian artist William Alfred Delemotte, 1775 - 1853 Contemporary of 

J M W Turner.



Copyright © - Breakdowns / figures cover all catalogued sales of fine art works recorded by Artprice (paintings, sculpture, print, drawing, photography, etc.) excluding antiques and furniture. Artprice accepts no responsibility for any use made of the information it provides. Any reproduction or representation of all or part of the information or graphics by any means whatsoever that does not include a mention stating source © or copyright © is illegal and represent a breach of copyright.

 A SAMPLE ARTICLED FROM THE ART NEWSPAPER : the Great for Art News and can be read online after subscribing. .

LONDON. A “fake” in the Courtauld Gallery, believed to be by the master forger Han van Meegeren (1889-1947), is a genuine Dutch Golden Age painting, new research has revealed. It is a version of The Procuress, a 1622 brothel scene by Dirck van Baburen, which is also depicted in the background of two works by Vermeer. It is now believed that the Courtauld’s painting may, in fact, be the work that Vermeer once had.

The Courtauld’s painting of The Procuress was acquired in 1960, when it was donated as a Van Meegeren. Arguably the most notorious faker of the 20th century, he forged a series of early “Vermeers”. He was only exposed in 1945, after being accused of selling a newly discovered Vermeer to the Nazi military leader, Hermann Goering.  .... read the for more articles like this.




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