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Insight into Life Drawing.

Life drawing sessions help the artist to see. The model moves, even if only slightly and the artist improves their own drawing technique by sketching from life.  When a model has no clothes on it is easier to get the shape of a movement without the hinderance from folds of clothing. Once the artist has drawn extensively from life models then it is easier to visualise in one's mind's eye how a subject in a painting would move, pose etc. With or without any amount or style of clothing.

A tutor will normally start the sessions with 2 or 3 short 5 minute posses to encourage the artists to sketch their first impressions quickly and loosely.

After this the pose will be set accordingly to the group’s time pattern. This varies between 20 minutes to get a variety of movement and the whole 2 – 4 hour session to concentrate on detail. Some classes are known to hold the same pose for a number of sessions, the model returning to chalk marked positions.

For the artists it is an objective, life study and not an erotic exercise. Clothing can hide the movement of the skin and muscle. Even the stillest of life models moves as they breathe and slumps slightly as they relax into the pose.

The tutor will encourage artist to:

- “look” more critically,
- more often,
- measure each line against the figure and the sketch,
- loosen up drawing skill

The Life Study Acetate Print Nude
is by Christine Wakelin who is training in Fine Art and Science at Kings Lynn Art College.
To make the acetate print the artists uses photography and print making techniques and each print is a one off original.
The photograph is printed onto acetate. The acetate is then use to hand print onto embossed on heavy bond paper. Each print will be totally different to the others.

Drawings and Collectors Items



Signed Limited Edition Prints for sale by Patrick Hughes, Darby Bannard, John Bellany, Jack Yates (silver gelatine), Anthony de Cleyndert and others in the catalogue section are available to view by request only or email


Is it a limited edition print or hand painted original ? - Well both - Priced at £850 unframed (negotiable)

Pencil signed,

55/50    The Studio           Patrick Hughes, 87


Now being offered for sale Individually painted by Patrick Hughes over his Signed, numbered, Limited Edition print The Studio.

Such a clever idea with the paint trying to burst out of the artist's studio door. It is A1 size and unframed ready to be posted to you or collected in person. More a mixed media original - print and paint - as there were 60 prints in the range but Patrick Hughes painted individual designs and colour on individually afterwards and so each number of edition is original and different. If you had enough money you could collect them all. Each is different.


limited edition print by PATRICK HUGHES.

The Studio.



Barbara Rae



See main home page for image


Barbara Rae was born in Falkirk in Stirlingshire, studied at Edinburgh College of Art from 1961 to 1965, where she was awarded a travel scholarship, taking her to work in France and Spain in 1966. She attended Moray House College of Education and taught in Edinburgh until 1972. She went on to Lecture in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking at Aberdeen College of Education from 1972 to 1974 and Lectured in drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art from 1975 to 1996.

Rae’s work has been included in many solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally, her first solo show being held in 1967 at the New 57 Gallery, Edinburgh. In 1994 and 1999, she won tapestry Commissions for The Festival Theatre, Edinburgh and for the Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh, respectively (both carried out by the Edinburgh Tapestry Company). Rae’s work is included in many private collections in Britain, Europe and the USA, as well as in many public and corporate collections.

Among Rae’s many awards are Major Scottish Arts Council Awards (1975, 1981), Guthrie Medal, Royal Scottish Academy (1977), Royal Scottish Academy — Sir William Gillies Travel Award (1983) Calouste Gulbenkian Printmaking Award (1983) and Hunting Group Prize-winner (1990). Rae was elected President of the Society of Scottish Artists in 1983. She was made a Member of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1992 (ARSA 1980), and a Royal Academician in 1996. She has been a Member of the Royal Fine Art Commission for Scotland since 1995 and was a Member of the Board of the British School at Rome in 1998. In 1999 she was awarded a CBE and received an Honorary Doctorate from Napier University, Edinburgh.

Rae lives and works in Edinburgh. Through the varied use of bold composition, strong contrast and richly textured painted and collaged surfaces she evokes a memorable atmosphere in all her paintings.




Five colour screen print on Moulin Du Gue 270gm, printed by Ian Wilkinson, image 38.5 x 43cm
A depiction of the sea view of the coast of Eyemouth Harbour, where hundreds of fishermen's lives were lost in a terrible storm

£450.  order





Helmsdale Wreck 2000

Six colour screen print on Moulin Du Gue 270gm, printed by Ian Wilkinson, image 38.5 x 43cm.

This one is 21/34 meaning there was a small edition of 34 signed and numbered by John Bellany £450  order

This is one of a a number of drawings and paintings Bellany produced when he was in Addenbrook's Hospital recuperating from a liver transplant.




Five colour screen print on Moulin Du Gue 270gm, printed by Kip Gresham studio. , £450

Sign by John Bellany and marked GSL 1




JAD Davies, St Ives Group artist

Portrait of St Ives sculptor Barbara Tribe - Australian sculptress, worked in St Ives.

Pencil on sketching paper


Size: 28 x 38 cm + mount contact Helen Mould

for price



Patrick Hughes

Pencil signed,

55/50    The Studio           Patrick Hughes, 87

    price negotiable contact: -







Kibog Park, RA,
Male Nude, right side frontal life study 2, Mixed media individual
mono print 24 x 36" approx.¸ Framed under glass.

Solid Obeche wood.     £175 order


Kibog Park, RA,
Male Nude,  back view life study, 24 x 36" approx.¸ Framed under glass.

Mixed media individual mono print with solid wood, Obeche Frame £ £175   order




Christine Wakelin
Frontal study, right side, nude.  Life Study Mono Acetate Print Nude 
£105  order in light wood frame, under glass








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